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Reasons Readers Quit #8: No Consequences


All of us grew up with them.

And we learned that adulthood is full of them, too.

But so often when we read a book or watch a movie, the rules of life and consequences don’t seem to apply.

And this is a sure-fire way to repel readers forever.

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Reason Readers Quit #6: No Authentic Conflict

In 2004, I wrote and produced a play. I was convinced it was brilliant

(It wasn’t).

I was especially proud of all the conflict between its two main characters, believing that this made the play an honest portrayal of life’s complicated issues.

When it debuted, I hoped that my friend and professional actor, Landon, would be mightily impressed.

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Why Readers Quit #4: No Flaw

I want you to meet Tim.

Tim is a well-meaning, energetic writer – probably just like you.

But (hopefully) unlike you, Tim writes stories that are deeply flawed. And he isn’t alone. A lot of amateur writers make the same mistake, and its killing their readership.

Are you?

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Why Readers Quit #3: No Choices

I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Good news: This post will solve writer’s block.

Bad news: Solving writer’s block is damned near impossible, for if it was easy, nobody would complain about it.  Continue reading “Why Readers Quit #3: No Choices”

Why Readers Quit #2: No Physical Goal

“I want to write something that’s deep.”

If you’ve ever spoken or thought these words, then I have some tough news for you.

Readers are probably walking away from your stories.

And the reason is going to shock you.
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Why Readers Quit #1: Nothing Happens

“Nothing happens.”

Has a reader ever said this about your story?

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I’m Blogging at “Write To Done!”

Check out David’s tutorial on Creating Your Own Professional 3D Book Image with GIMP at one of the most read and respected writing blogs: Write To Done!

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