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Why? A Response to the Orlando Shooting


It’s no doubt the question many of us are asking.

For the families of victims, it isn’t a question.

It’s an agonizing emptiness. Continue reading “Why? A Response to the Orlando Shooting”


Why I Write: Answering Life’s Most Painful Question

The difference between a reader and a writer is significant.

As a reader, I never question why the author penned the novel I’m enjoying. I never wondered why J.K. Rowling told the tale of Harry James Potter. I just enjoyed it.

But as a writer, I’m plagued with the matter of Why.  Continue reading “Why I Write: Answering Life’s Most Painful Question”

God Less

“God Less”

A poem about the conflict between ourselves and the world around us, and the need to feel some sense of control, however fleeting.  Continue reading “God Less”

Give Him the Gospel

Soul Mountain

“Give Him the Gospel”

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, Jacob Ottie’s ravenous thirst for moonshine will drive him to deal with the last and most unlikely distiller imaginable. 

Continue reading “Give Him the Gospel”

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