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The Story

TLL Cover_KINDLE_Thriller

Isabel would love to have a normal wedding and marry her fiancé, Nolan. But as the only daughter of New Orleans’ infamous Lafaye family, life is far from normal.

When Nolan goes missing before the rehearsal dinner, Isabel suspects that her paranoid mother, Natasha, must be to blame! As family members arrive to feast and fellowship at the historic Lafaye Manor, things only get worse when paranormal powers interrupt the celebration, bringing horrifying family secrets to light. What evils lurk behind the Lafaye family legacy? Whose blood must be spilled to atone for ancient sins?TLL Cover_KINDLE_Dinner

The Last Lafaye is a main stage horror event that thrills audiences with its heart-pounding action. The Last Lafaye is available in both Main Stage and Dinner Theater formats. It’s a sure bet to keep audiences guessing until the very end!

The Details

Setting – The Lafaye Family Manor, the present.

Characters – 8 men, 10 women, 2 either, Servers/Servants. In the Dinner Theater there are 6-8 additional Table Actor roles.


  • Ocoee High School, Ocoee, Florida, 2013.

Rights and Royalties

Original poster design by Mitchell Marbais
Original poster design by Mitchell Marbais

The Last Lafaye exists in 2 formats; however, the rights and script costs for both versions are identical.

Rights – To contact the playwright regarding production rights, email:

Royalties – $70 per performance for first 3, $50 per additional.

Scripts: Licensed productions of The Last Lafaye can purchase discounted rehearsal scripts at the CreateSpace store, or on!

To get the Main Stage production, go here!

To get the Dinner Theater production, go here!

Also available on here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All scripts are under copyright. Individuals may NOT photocopy scripts without explicit permission. All licensees must purchase scripts for their actors. This copyright extends also to permission to perform. There is a royalty fee for each performance. 

The Last Lafaye is protected by federal copyright.