Coffee Bar will debut alongside The Bean of Life in 2016. The following information represents the play’s revisions up to 2012, before David considered adapting the story into novel form. Check back for updates on the script!

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“Fish has always dreamed of owning his own place – a coffee bar where ideas can flourish and grow. So when his best friend, Sully, asks for a way out of his middle-management nightmare job, Fish lays out the dream. A comedy in two acts, Coffee Bar tells the story of two men who will do anything to tame their disappointing, uncontrollable lives.”

Setting – A modern coffee shop in an urban setting, near a populous college campus.

Characters – 9 men, 5 women, 2 young boys

Productions – Hope College (Mich.), 2005

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  • Originally written in 2004 for Dr. Stephen Hemenway’s literature course at Hope College. Instead of writing two 3-page essays, the playwright wrote two 40-page acts. 
  • The original draft contained only 5 characters – Fish, Sully, Trysta, Moxy, and the Bartender. The play now requires 3 times that many characters.
  • David wrote the play after working on a production of Waiting for Godot. The original versions of Coffee Bar were heavily influenced by Beckett’s work.
  • From 2006-2011, there were numerous scattered attempts at revision, including a version where Fish stops an armed robbery, and another where Fish and Sully drink poisoned coffee to commit suicide.
  • The original production contained an infamous set of “coffee cup lights”, a chandelier of rainbow colored mugs with Christmas bulbs in the bottom. The array was taken by the director, producer/actor Sandra Deitz, and master technician Eric Van Tassell to their apartment in Chicago. The playwright is willing to pay mightily for them. 🙂

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