Murder at the Shootin’ Show!

Lonely Meadow is just that – a small, lonely outpost in the wastelands of Nevada.

So when word hits that death-defying sharp-shooter Snaketooth Johnson is comin’ to town, the locals are beside themselves. But as the night of the show comes, Snaketooth doesn’t live through dinner – and one of his old acquaintances is at fault!

An interactive dinner-theater experience, Murder at the Shootin’ Show! does mystery like no other play. Featuring multiple endings, including audience-interactive performance and voting, Murder at the Shootin’ Show! is full of laughs and surprises!

Read a sample: Murder at the Shootin’ Show_Sample

Published as ‘NoahDavid Lein’


The Last Lafaye

TLL Cover_KINDLE_Thriller

Isabel would love to have a normal wedding and marry her fiancé, Nolan. But as the only daughter of New Orleans’ infamous Lafaye family, life is far from normal.

When Nolan goes missing before the rehearsal dinner, Isabel suspects that her paranoid mother, Natasha, must be to blame! As family members arrive to feast and fellowship at the historic Lafaye Manor, things only get worse when paranormal powers interrupt the celebration, bringing horrifying family secrets to light. What evils lurk behind the Lafaye family legacy? Whose blood must be spilled to atone for ancient sins?

The Last Lafaye is a main stage horror event that thrills audiences with its heart-pounding action. The Last Lafaye is available in both Main Stage and Dinner Theater formats. It’s a sure bet to keep audiences guessing until the very end!

Published as ‘NoahDavid Lein’


Coffee Bar

Coming Soon!

that fallsFish has always dreamed of owning his own place – a coffee bar where ideas can flourish and grow. So when his best friend, Sully, asks for a way out of his middle-management nightmare job, Fish lays out the dream. A comedy in two acts based on Safford’s debut novel The Bean of LifeCoffee Bar tells the story of two men who will do anything to tame their disappointing, uncontrollable lives.