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The 10 Reasons Readers Quit Your Book (and How to Win Them Back!) – FULL TEXT

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10-reasons-3d-image10 Reasons is currently being beta editted and revised, but is available to writers who want to start telling their best stories now. Please share your feedback with David!

From 10 Reasons:

“I began to suspect two things that were difficult to accept:

  1. Story-telling is really, really hard.
  2. Being good with words isn’t the same as begin good at story-telling.

In a nutshell, I hadn’t learned that audiences aren’t nearly so interested in ideas as they are a good story. I also hadn’t learned to care what my audience was interested in. One of the most important lessons that any writer MUST learn if he or she hopes to find commercial success is this: It’s all about serving the reader.

If you aren’t writing – or at least revising, editing, and proofreading – for the good of the reader, then you will probably end up like me and my story: Rejected.”

The Bean of Life

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Soul Mountain

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This volume includes five of David’s stories and eighteen of his poems. Each story tells a tale of adventure and justice, pitting man’s basest desires against hope and sacrifice in the most dire of circumstances. They are must-reads in a world rife with so much suffering and fear.

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“The Last Lap of Burt Pabsthardt”: A Murder-Mystery Dinner Party

NAFCAR Logo SquareBeloved stock car driver Burt Pabsthardt seemed to be on top of the world. Finishing top 5 in almost every race, he was poised to win professional racing’s most coveted prize: NAFCAR’s Carburetor Cup.

Until the Albuquerque 400.

On the last lap of NAFCAR’s signature race, Burt was in the lead, pushed along by his partner, Dusty Torque. But as he rounded the final turn into the home stretch he spun out of control, ramming the wall at over 200 miles per hour. He flipped upside-down, slid a good half-mile, then finally came to a flaming stop. Burt was pronounced dead at the scene.

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LLoBP – Character Books

LLoBP – Evidence

LLoBP – Host Book

LLoBP – Instructions