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Short Fiction

Blowing It Up – A Short Story

When he rose earlier than usual, kissed her on the forehead, and whispered, “I love you,” Jane sat bolt upright and watched him slip out the door in the darkness, her heart thumping.

The words “I love you” hadn’t flown her way in years, and Clark’s lips were two old, forgotten strangers. Continue reading “Blowing It Up – A Short Story”


Trump v. Clinton: As Reported by Teen Fan Fiction

“The epic battle between two vicious opponents – as seen through the eyes of a passionate 10th-grade writer and reader of many vampire, werewolf, dystopia, and fantasy books in the most laudable YA genre.” Continue reading “Trump v. Clinton: As Reported by Teen Fan Fiction”

The Most Lamentable Tragedy of a Hall Guard

“Welcome to a day in the life of an ordinary, unsuspecting hall guard in a top-secret government installation.” Continue reading “The Most Lamentable Tragedy of a Hall Guard”

Throw a Halloween Mystery Dinner Party!

“The Last Lap of Burt Pabsthardt is a race to stay alive,
dig up everyone else’s secrets, and unravel the mystery
about what REALLY happened to NAFCAR’s most beloved star!”

Continue reading “Throw a Halloween Mystery Dinner Party!”

“Dear Sperm Donor”

Dear sperm donor,

I understand.

I understand the desire to let loose and release

and unleash and quench that unquenchable fire. Continue reading ““Dear Sperm Donor””

God Less

“God Less”

A poem about the conflict between ourselves and the world around us, and the need to feel some sense of control, however fleeting.  Continue reading “God Less”

Climb to the Bottom

Soul Mountain

“Climb to the Bottom”

Bethany Lee has saved many lives at Earth’s highest altitudes. But when a personal achievement lies just a few steps ahead of her, will she put her dreams aside to meet the needs of another helpless climber one last time?  Continue reading “Climb to the Bottom”

The Exile

Soul Mountain

“The Exile”

In the wastelands east of Eden, a single man walks the unfilled world, restlessly reliving a tortured childhood under the thumb of history’s most famous sinner. 
Continue reading “The Exile”

The Noise of Your Enemies

Soul Mountain

“The Noise of Your Enemies”

A woman must confront innumerable demons to prove that she truly loves her children before it’s too late.

Continue reading “The Noise of Your Enemies”

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