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@ The Write Practice: Why You Need Daily Discipline

The only way you’ll ever be a successful author is if you live by Discipline, not by Talent. That’s why I wrote “Why Your Writing Needs Daily Discipline” at The Write Practice.

Check out the here!



2nd Place Winner!

“Whatever Happened to Jeremy Mankin?” is today’s featured story at Short Fiction Break! Continue reading “2nd Place Winner!”

Featured Winner at “Short Fiction Break!”

“The Warmth of Blankets” is the featured story at Short Fiction Break today!

If you haven’t yet, give it a read and leave a comment!

As always, thank you so much for reading. It means the world to me!

Reason Readers Quit #7: No Personal Stakes

We have a story problem.

Not a grade school math class “story problem,” but a problem with our stories that is turning many of us into bad writers (with fleeing readers).

And by spending millions of our hard-earned dollars at the box office, we’re only have ourselves to blame.  Continue reading “Reason Readers Quit #7: No Personal Stakes”

“The Warmth of Blankets” – Winner of Honorable Mention!

After many nights hiding in the hot, lonely swamps of the Deep South, Celestine and her daughter decide to risk staying at an unproven Underground Railroad Station. “The Warmth of Blankets” is the story of their terrifying and heroic trip into the home of a white farmer that may, or may not, be worthy of their trust. 

Read “The Warmth of Blankets,” winner of Honorable Mention in the 2017 Spring Fiction Contest (hosted by The Write Practice and Short Fiction Break), here! Continue reading ““The Warmth of Blankets” – Winner of Honorable Mention!”

“Pulled” – A Short Story

“The Pull is an annual tug-of-war contest held across the Black River. It is one of the nation’s oldest standing college traditions. Competitors are 36 members of both the freshman and sophomore class.”

– Hope College website Continue reading ““Pulled” – A Short Story”

Why Readers Quit #4: No Flaw

I want you to meet Tim.

Tim is a well-meaning, energetic writer – probably just like you.

But (hopefully) unlike you, Tim writes stories that are deeply flawed. And he isn’t alone. A lot of amateur writers make the same mistake, and its killing their readership.

Are you?

Continue reading “Why Readers Quit #4: No Flaw”

REVEALED: The 10 Reasons Readers Quit Your Story

Readers quit reading for a lot of reasons.

So why do they quit on you? Continue reading “REVEALED: The 10 Reasons Readers Quit Your Story”

Get Ready for (10) Great Things

Hey Writers!

Great things are coming! Continue reading “Get Ready for (10) Great Things”

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