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Fischer doesn’t just love coffee.

He worships it.

Perhaps the most talented barista in the world, “Fish” creates life-changing brews that just might put an end to suffering as his customers know it.

But Fish has already tried to run his own cafe and failed. Stuck working in franchise hell, Fish sneaks his drinks to customers in secret for fear of his boss’s wrath. There is almost no hope of reclaiming his dream, until he decides to convince his best friend, Sully, that he’d make the perfect partner and co-owner of the world’s best coffee shop: The Bean of Life.

As Fish talks up him, Sully has another dream in mind: Love. Whether it’s with a shy girl in the coffee shop or a beautiful of colleague his, Sully longs for the comfort of a lover’s embrace, not the grind of running another man’s business.

But even as Fish closes in on resurrecting his lost shop, the city around him seems to have other plans. Businesses are shuttered and crime is on the rise. As the stakes soar higher than ever, Fish’s faith in coffee is put to the test, forcing him to confront the fabric of friendship, the ubiquity of suffering, and ultimate power of his coffee to give life, or to take it.

The Bean of Life is a work of fiction by David H. Safford.