A climber stranded at the bottom of the world…

A blind girl searching for her missing brother
in the dangerous woods of Mississippi…

A moonshine-thirsty man going to the most unlikely supplier imaginable…

These and other characters make up the cast of David H. Safford’s Soul Mountain, a collection of short fiction and poetry. Composed of six stories and eighteen poems, this volume is the perfect place to begin when exploring Safford’s work. Each story tells a tale of adventure and justice, pitting man’s basest desires against hope and sacrifice in the most dire of circumstances. They are must-reads in a world rife with so much suffering and fear.

Soul Mountain is available for free in PDF format for members of the DHS Coffee Club.

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Read the Stories: 

Read “Give Him the Gospel”

Read “Dreams of Color”

Read “The Noise of Your Enemies”

Read “The Exile”

Read “Climb to the Bottom”