The Bean of Life

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Fischer Kaldi believes he can save the world with coffee.

A gifted barista capable of brewing life-changing coffee, “Fish” dreams of opening an ideal café with his best friend, Sully, and welcoming the broken of his city inside. But when Fish and Sully finally do open their shop and the world steps through its doors, problems and tragedies arise beyond what Fish is prepared to solve.

To make matters worse, two mysterious women frequent the shop, only to capture the lonely eye of Sully. As his dreams threaten to slip away, Fish must sacrifice all he knows to learn the ultimate power of his beloved coffee to give life, or to take it.

The Bean of Life is a work of fiction by David H. Safford. 


Soul Mountain

SM 3D ImageA climber stranded at the bottom of the world…

A blind girl  searching for her missing brother
in the dangerous woods of Mississippi…

A moonshine-thirsty man going to the most unlikely supplier

These and other characters make up the cast of David H. Safford’s Soul Mountain, a collection of short fiction and poetry. Composed of six stories and eighteen poems, this volume is the perfect place to begin when exploring Safford’s work. Each story tells a tale of adventure and justice, pitting man’s basest desires against hope and sacrifice in the most dire of circumstances. They are must-reads in a world rife with  so much suffering and fear.