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Design Your Own 3D Book Images

Have you created an awesome online product?

Maybe its a short story, a poem, or an entire Ebook. It can even be a smaller product like a worksheet, placemat or presentation with slides.  Continue reading “Design Your Own 3D Book Images”

Don’t Ask: “Is It Good?”

Do you ever ask, “Is my story good?”

In today’s post at The Write Practice, I explain why this is a TERRIBLE idea, and why it will only hurt your dreams of writing success.

Check it out here!

@ The Write Practice: Why You Need Daily Discipline

The only way you’ll ever be a successful author is if you live by Discipline, not by Talent. That’s why I wrote “Why Your Writing Needs Daily Discipline” at The Write Practice.

Check out the here!


Both Sides of the Hurricane

On Friday, September 8th, you decide to run from the hurricane.

You pack your car with the essential valuables and cover everything else inside with tarps, just in case one of the windows without plywood shatters when the brutal winds come.

Then you flee, the hurricane barreling toward you.

Continue reading “Both Sides of the Hurricane”

2nd Place Winner!

“Whatever Happened to Jeremy Mankin?” is today’s featured story at Short Fiction Break! Continue reading “2nd Place Winner!”

Reasons Readers Quit #8: No Consequences


All of us grew up with them.

And we learned that adulthood is full of them, too.

But so often when we read a book or watch a movie, the rules of life and consequences don’t seem to apply.

And this is a sure-fire way to repel readers forever.

Continue reading “Reasons Readers Quit #8: No Consequences”

How I, a Former Judge, Won a Short Story Contest

Honorable Mention counts, right?

First and foremost, props to the Grand Prize winner, Sef Churchill and her wildly imaginative story, “Porthole.” She should write her own (legitimate) version of this post.

But my Honorable Mention was included in the “Congratulations to the Winners” email – and I call that #WINNING!

So here’s how I did it, and how you can too. Continue reading “How I, a Former Judge, Won a Short Story Contest”

Featured Winner at “Short Fiction Break!”

“The Warmth of Blankets” is the featured story at Short Fiction Break today!

If you haven’t yet, give it a read and leave a comment!

As always, thank you so much for reading. It means the world to me!

Reason Readers Quit #7: No Personal Stakes

We have a story problem.

Not a grade school math class “story problem,” but a problem with our stories that is turning many of us into bad writers (with fleeing readers).

And by spending millions of our hard-earned dollars at the box office, we’re only have ourselves to blame.  Continue reading “Reason Readers Quit #7: No Personal Stakes”

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