Have you created an awesome online product?

Maybe its a short story, a poem, or an entire Ebook. It can even be a smaller product like a worksheet, placemat or presentation with slides. 

No matter what your product is, you will need to market it in a way that your readers can see what it is and appreciate the positive effect it will have on their lives.

To do this, you need one of two things:

  1. A hired, professional graphic designer, or;
  2. A hack that you can use to create your own awesome marketing images. 

Since I’m all about empowering you to write, market, and sell your work into stardom, I wanted to share a post that I wrote a few years back for WriteToDone on this very subject.

It’s called “How to Proudly Design 3D Book Images for Free.”

You’ll need just 3 things: 

  1. The free program GIMP (download link here)
  2. Cover art for your project
  3. 1-2 hours of time to read the post/watch the tutorial, and create your first image!

I’ve used this program to design dozens of images for my marketing. Here are some examples:



3D Images:


Webpage Marketing Images: 


Learning how to use GIMP can really free you to be the master of your own marketing fate. Check out the post and be sure to watch/like the corresponding video tutorial on YouTube!