“The Last Lap of Burt Pabsthardt is a race to stay alive,
dig up everyone else’s secrets, and unravel the mystery
about what REALLY happened to NAFCAR’s most beloved star!”


The Fall of a Legend

NAFCAR Logo SquareBeloved stock car driver Burt Pabsthardt seemed to be on top of the world.

Finishing top 5 in almost every race, he was poised to win professional racing’s most coveted prize: NAFCAR’s Carburetor Cup.

Until the Albuquerque 400.

On the last lap of NAFCAR’s signature race, Burt was in the lead, pushed along by his partner, Dusty Torque. But as he rounded the final turn into the home stretch he spun out of control, ramming the wall at over 200 miles per hour. He flipped upside-down, slid a good half-mile, then finally came to a flaming stop. Burt was pronounced dead at the scene.


A Crowd of Suspects

While stock car racing is deadly on its own, something about Burt’s death was fishy.

Though beloved by fans across the world, Burt Pabsthardt had lost plenty of love in his inner-circle, especially from his arch-rival and ex-girlfriend, Savannah Wallace, who was in the thick of the pile that pushed Burt’s racer into the wall.

Nor is his death too upsetting to his racing partner, Dusty Torque, who has his eye on Burt’s new widow, Nancy Pabsthardt. Certainly Burt’s passing would grieve the head of the driver’s union, Patti Patterson – but she was losing a lot of money due to Burt’s escapades.

Indeed, Burt found a way to infuriate damned near everybody in his life – his manager, Sadie Sidesaddle; his Crew Chief, Albert Veehate; his pastor, the Rev. Solomon Solomon; and even his rabid #1 fan, Buster Pistenn.

By his end, Burt had found a way to make enough enemies to fill a dinner table.


An Invitation to Dinner

Concerned about foul play, Patti Patterson has invited everyone to a secret dinner at her home.

There everyone will enjoy a meal, toast Burt’s life, and try to make it through the night without his or her secrets coming to light. It’s a race against your competitors to stay alive, dig up everyone else’s secrets, and discover the truth about what REALLY happened to Burt Pabsthardt!



  • 8 Players, including host (a player may “act” as host without actually being the host of the event)
  • Printing and assembly of books required
  • It’s recommended that a non-player assist with assembly, as secret “evidence” is inserted into the booklets.



Image Credit: Swaminathan, Creative Commons