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Winner of multiple Short Fiction Break Writing Contests, David H. Safford is an author and coach whose fiction will take you on a journey.

Feel your heart race as a runaway slave, Celestine, risks entering an untrustworthy Underground Railroad home in “The Warmth of Blankets.” (Winner of Honorable Mention!)

Or laugh at the story of a small-town boy with a knack for mischief, in “Whatever Happened to Jeremy Mankin?” (Winner of Second Place!)

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Climb the “Soul Mountain”

Enjoy your complimentary copy of Soul Mountain, stories of hope and survival.

  • Climb the tallest mountain in Antarctica as a deadly storm ravages the slopes
  • Explore the untouched Earth with mankind’s first exile, Cain
  • Unravel the tragic mystery of a mother who may have caused her son’s death
  • Dare to venture into the haunted forest with a blind girl, desperate to find her brother
  • Defend an Appalachian preacher and distiller from a madman thirsty for his illegal moonshine

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Get Some Coffee

Taste a truly original story of caffeinated heroism and hotly brewed sacrifice, The Bean of LifeDavid’s debut novel.

Perhaps the most talented barista in the world, Fischer “Fish” Kaldi creates life-changing brews that just might put an end to suffering as his customers know it.

But as Fish closes in on his dream of opening a shop and saving the world, the city around him crumbles. Businesses are shuttered and poverty spreads like a cancer. Fish’s faith in coffee is put to the test, forcing him to confront the fabric of friendship, the ubiquity of suffering, and ultimate power of his coffee to give life, or to take it.

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Tell Your Story

David coaches authors worldwide by focusing on techniques that keep readers hooked.

If you or anyone you love tells stories for fun or finance, you can’t write another world until you’ve read The 10 Reasons Readers Quit Your Book (and How to Win Them Back). 

Learn everything you need to know to keep your readers fully invested in your:

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Conflict
  • Theme

And much more!

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David posts infrequently, focusing his efforts on storytelling, coaching, and building online training that makes a difference in the lives of thousands are storytellers across the globe.

But when he does, it will either be a free piece of fiction (like his award-winning stories) or invaluable training (like the principles of 10 Reasons Readers Quit).

You don’t want to miss it. 

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